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We appear to continually be on the go

Today's lifestyle is high-energy and fast-paced, and the latest in technology has provided us a chance to be productive no matter where we are physically located. But on the way, sometimes it is a great idea to prevent, take a deep breath and revel in a short moment of downtime...

watch short films

... and watch a brief film! Although there are different opinions as to what exactly is really a short, let's presume that a film of 30 minutes or less is really a "short". You’ve undoubtedly seen the short cartoons that precede feature presentations at movies. And although companies for example Pixar have formulated a full library of popular animated short films, in general the short film category has not yet gained widespread popularity. But all this is going to change.

As the pace of life increases, that valuable downtime keeps decreasing. This decrease in free time isn't going to change in the near future. But with the advancements in technology providing you with universal access to the internet and streaming HD video on mobile devices such as the ipad and iPhone, an ideal storm is brewing for a new media format to emerge which will meet that improving demand for services for mobile entertainment. That new format may be the short film.

short movies

For instance, let’s say you're on the subway going to work. In this scenario, you've 45 minutes to lose. You should check email, send several messages, check Facebook, etc. Let’s say, i believe that now, you've Fifteen minutes left, and you need to just “relax”. Where do you turn? You watch a brief film!

Whether you're on lunch time, at the airport, at the son Bobby’s baseball practice, getting your hair done, riding the bus, taking the ferry across, relaxing in Starbucks before work, or simply about anywhere that provides a few precious minutes of downtime, it‘s the perfect time to watch a brief film.

watch short films

Today's short films are evolving right together with technology. Modern cameras and camcorders are affordable and able to capturing Hollywood-quality video. Major blockbuster movies literally could be shot on a mobile phone. But it is very difficult and time intensive to create complete movies of 1 hour 30 minutes or even more. But a very entertaining video clip may be just a few minutes long. So next time you've got a couple of minutes to spare, watch a brief film. Or even better, create a video clip yourself and upload it to NetShorts.com!

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